About us

The idea for JAM originally came to us when we started working together at an early-stage startup in 2015. We were building a complex product, and like many people at the start of their career, we learnt on the job. We often asked ourselves how other companies go about designing and building great products. What goes on behind the scenes? How do product managers, designers and engineers make it all happen?

We realised we really wanted to catch a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes of the companies we looked up to. And we thought other people would want to know too. So we decided to create a conference to share these stories – JAM was born.

Over the years, our flagship London conference became the unmissable gathering for Europe's best product people and their team. And JAM grew into the community we've always needed.

Mathilde Leo - Co-founder


Freelance product & community manager, I can be found somewhere between Europe and Thailand. After journeying through Deliveroo and Founders Factory, I have recently landed at the remote startup Reedsy. In my spare time, I love to eat cheese and fight Muay Thai (very rarely at the same time). I also write about career hacking and digital nomads for Forbes.

Seb Powell - Co-founder


Started as a product designer and somehow found myself co-founding both JAM and getagent.co.uk. I also run pro-val.co.uk and am helping event analytics startup airfinity.com ship their product. I recently moved back to Luxembourg where amongst other things I’m learning to renovate old properties.

Sunil Pithwa - The Captivating Host


I’ve been getting up on stage hosting JAM since 2016. Off stage I’m a senior UX designer at Aviva working on all sorts of global stuff and an avid BBQer. I buy random rounds of shots and go on spontaneous holidays.

Jessie Giladi - Chief of Wizadry


I’ve been involved with JAM since 2015, helping out in Ops and Finance. Been in startup-land for almost 10 years working with some cool companies like GoCardless and Cytora. My main skills include magically fixing things behind the scenes (even when all hope was lost). I’m also heading up the first JAM Retreat, hope to see y’all there!

Francesca Negro - Chief Illustration Officer


Psychology graduate turned product designer. Coping mechanisms include but not restricted to: illustrating abstract concepts, collecting random tattoos, petting strangers’ dogs and playlisting (yes, that’s a verb). Special powers for the JAM team: illustrations and writing write-ups.

Stephen Hemmings - Maker of Words


Failed journalist who turned to product management for the sweet relief from my OCD and desire to make things not shit. I work for busuu trying to prove to the world that learning a language using an app is possible. Challenge me to a tequila drinking competition. I help out on writing content for JAM, so please blame me for grammatical errors and swear words.

Jessie Leong - Social Media Master


History graduate turned marketing professional, I joined JAM in 2018 after falling in love with the friendly nature of the conferences. I manage JAM’s social media channels and interview inspiring product people about their career journeys. Sometimes, I run half-marathons for fun.

Maria Stylianou - The JAM Factotum


Curious about how we, people, connect and communicate. I’ve been with JAM since its launch, tweeting the lessons revealed during talks, scouting for great people to connect with, offering a pair of hands in operations, chipping in ideas and generally making people laugh with my laugh - a unique skill on its own. I’ve just joined Monzo as an Engineering Manager!

Joana Taborda - Interview Curator


My grandparents are from India, my mom was born in Kenya and my parents met in Brazil so I was bound to get the travel gene. These days I work as a travel writer, art teacher, and unofficial craft beer taster. I'm the Interview Curator at JAM, currently gathering stories of product leaders out there. If you have something to share with the community, I'm your girl.

Marta Krzeminska - Hot Tip Catcher


Orientalist by education, problem-fixer in attitude, story-teller and writer by soul. Joined JAM to get keep the fire burning under our Hot Tips collection and sparkle up (is this a phrase?) the JAM newsletter! I bring in three years of experience from language startups as a growth hacker, marketer, and campaign creator. Also: Quora Top Writer 2018. Follow me!

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