Convince your boss

Looking forward to our next event, but need approval from the powers that be? We’ve got you covered! To help you make the case, we've pulled together the main selling points for attending, and an email template you can adapt as you see fit.

Hi [name],

I would like to attend the next JAM event [link], taking place in [city] on the [date].

Started in 2015 by a product manager and a designer, JAM is an event series dedicated to sharing real-life, honest stories of how great products are built. Every year, they bring together a unique line-up of speakers from the likes of Netflix, Wikipedia, Strava, Deliveroo, Intercom and many more.

It's a fantastic oportunity, both on a personal and company-level to make new connections and learn from others who have been there and done it.

Unlike big-scale conferences, JAM is a friendly, focused event. They're known to carefully curate and design everything themselves to create 'lightbulb moments' for the product community. Check out what past attendees have said here:

After looking at this year's lineup, here is what I expect to take-away from the event:

  • Reasons... (see below for ideas)

Tickets cost [price], and group discounts are available if we book 4 or more tickets.

You can find out more about the event here [link].

Many thanks!

What's special about JAM?

Here are some of the reasons why people love coming to JAM – you can include some of these in your email.

Relatable stories

Every JAM event brings together an exciting line-up of speakers, working on some of the most interesting products around. Through practical talks and real-life case studies, I'll discover how they work behind the scenes – and come back to the office full of fresh ideas and solutions to try with the team.

Networking (in a non awkward way!)

The friendly, intimate spirit of the conference makes it easy to interact with speakers and other attendees, ask all your burning questions, and make valuable connections. And since the event attracts hundreds of talented PMs and designers, I'll get to learn from their experiences too!

Candid conversations

Unlike most conferences that focus on big ideas and successes, JAM is a place to discuss ups and downs, challenges and failures. Everyone is encouraged to be candid and helpful. By taking a step from the daily grind and hear all these great stories, I'll be able to reflect on my own work, sharpen my skills and rethink the way I approach problems.

A chance to get up to speed on the latest tools and frameworks

Because product practices are changing rapidly, I feel it’s important to learn what’s possible these days, and where the field is heading –– from how to build the right thing to working more efficiently. I'll get to spot where we can improve as a team and implement solutions right away.

Getting some pushback?

Here are some objections we sometimes hear people raise – and some tips on how to overcome them.

Why a conference? There's so much information online already!

This events focused on 'real-life, relatable stories'. Speakers aren't the pros we've heard before. So I would discover how other product teams work, design, build and what mistakes they'd made in the past, applying these lessons to our own team to improve our product practice. Plus, attending is the perfect way to meet other super-smart product people and their team, and connect with those facing similar challenges. And who knows, I could meet our next hire!

How will this benefit the rest of the company?

When I get back from JAM, I’ll schedule a session with the rest of the team to present what I learned. All the speaker presentations and resources are made available to attendees after the event, so I'll also be able to share these with the company.

We really hope to see you at one of our upcoming events! If you have any questions, or want to find out more about our groups discounts, just drop us an email at