An evening with Red Badger

This month, the fantastic product design team at Red Badger opens its doors to the JAM community! When it comes to building products their ethos is simple – 'let's make things better!'. Come learn how they do it, meet fellow product people and have a great time! ## The talks ### MVP vs MDP - about your customers or for them? The idea of promoting a Minimum Desirable Product (MDP) over Minimum Viable Product (MVP) isn’t new, and yes, lots of people are talking about it. But the difference between Desirable and Viable is a subtle one, but with big implications. During this talk we’ll take a look at the presence of your customers, and explore how heading for an MDP can help keep you from data paralysis, and reposition the humans at the centre of your product universe. ### When age isn't just a number Designers instead of seeing ageing as a problem need to imagine themselves as older citizens and redesign many aspects of society. Designing for an ageing population no longer means only thinking about safety. We need to design innovative solutions to help older people participate in workplaces, interact with digital products, get around the city, and convince a youth-centered society that they still have a lot to offer.
20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018

The line-up

Clementine Brown

Product Design Lead, Red Badger

Clementine is a design consultant with Red Badger, who’s been designing for the web since before the smartphone. She has a master's in Contemporary Design Practices and a range of design experience - from beautiful, boutique sites for expert craftsmen to big budget projects for blue chip corporations.

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Froso Ellina

Product Designer, Red Badger

Froso has 10 years’ experience as a Designer and Digital Art Director in global teams at creative agencies and software companies. She has a background in digital advertising and experience in designing high-quality products for global clients. She has always been an advocate of the human-centered design process, working closely with development and product teams and try to come up with solutions across all platforms for the best user experience.

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