Building Autonomous Product Engineering Teams at TransferWise

Transferwise has grown from a small Estonian startup to having over 500+ employees spread across the world and helping millions of customers save themselves from hidden bank fees. As important as building a product that customers love, is having teams that are passionate about building that product. At Transferwise, we have a key belief that these teams should be able to operate autonomously and decide what and how they build product. Steve and Brandon will talk about the pros and cons of this style of product development and how you can begin to influence your organisation to follow a similar style of development.
27 Apr 2016
27 Apr 2016
27 Apr 2016

The line-up

Brandon Doyle

Product (Growth), Transferwise

Product lead with extensive experience building and scaling products from the ground up. I build product engineering teams that care deeply about customers and can balance human-centered design with a strong quantitative foundation.

My teams build products that make the world a bit better.

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