How things get made at Blaze

At Blaze, we are building a better world by getting more people in cities on two wheels. We’ll share stories from our two very different but closely linked teams on how we build hardware and digital products alongside each other. We started out with the Laserlight – keeping cyclists visible and safe on the roads – and now have a full smart bike platform which helps cities understand more about how people are moving around on two wheels. Hardware and software development move at very different speeds - a challenge both teams had to learn to adapt to.
25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018

The line-up

Michael Willmott

Head of Product & Technology, Beryl

Having gone from aerospace engineering to founding a global research platform for universities, Michael now leads product for Beryl. He is on a mission to get more people in cities on two wheels; combining his passion for cycling, technology and keen interest in the future of cities and mobility.

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