Request your free book - The Product-Led Organisation, by Pendo.

At Pendo, we’re on a mission to improve the world’s experiences with software. We help product teams drive digital product adoption to give users the value they want, even as their needs evolve. 

Hear from us at JAM 

Pendo in Action

Thursday 15th, 11.15am

Come and see how Pendo helps product teams to understand and guide the entire product journey with a single platform.

Beyond Growth: How to Become Product-Led

Thursday 15th, 2pm

Hear Pendo CEO, Todd Olson, talk to learn how to go beyond product-led growth and transform your company into a product-led organization with product at the centre of your customer experience.

Meet the Pendo team

Come and say hi in the Pendo virtual lounge during the break times (see the schedule).

We can show you Pendo in action, share some new resources with you or just chat about all things product! You can find us on the networking tool too - Delaney Branner, Anna Barker and Justin Samuel.

Get a pulse on product management in Europe’s new normal

Download our latest research on how Europe’s approach to product management has shifted since the start of the pandemic. 

Find out how product leaders think the future will play out, and how perspectives and priorities differ across countries.


Request your free book - The Product-Led Organisation

If you love what Todd Olson talks about his session, we have 50 copies of his new book to give away to JAM attendees. 

Speak to the Pendo team to request your free copy.

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