Remote PM 2020
1th edition

Sharing the stories behind great products

Learn how to navigate the remote transition with fellow product leaders.


May 14th – 14th




Sarah Milstein
Senior Director of Engineering at Mailchimp
Lauren Weinstein
Speaking coach at Resonate Coaching
Greg Storey
Senior Director, Executive Programs at Invision
Jeff Gardner
Head of Platform Partnerships at Intercom
Sofia Quintero
Co-founder & CEO at EnjoyHQ
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product at Netflix
Tim Herbig
Product Management Coach at
Mathilde Leo
Co-Founder & Curator at JAM
Matt LeMay
Co-Founder at Sudden Compass

The talks

Product People: We're in the Same Boat

Mathilde Leo
Co-Founder & Curator


In times of uncertainty, getting together and sharing experiences is probably one of the best ways to grow. We'll explore how to develop resilience, build anti-fragile teams and embracing change, while shaping the future we want to live in.

Theme #1

Stay sane and productive while working from home

Learn how your product peers have been adapting to remote work in these turbulent times. Hint: everyone is doing it differently, and that's ok! You'll have a space to vent, reflect and share personal experiences.

💪 Gain: assurance, confidence

Theme #2

Make difficult decisions over Zoom. Yes it's possible!

Effective remote collaboration goes beyond picking the right tools. It involves fine tuning your own habits, workflows and rituals. You'll learn from experienced remote product managers on what worked for them over the years.

💪 Gain: insights, motivation

Theme #3

Get your hands dirty. Remotely

How do you ideate and experiment at a distance? How do you motivate and lead your product team? You'll receive actionable tips from expert remote facilitators.

💪 Gain: knowledge, practice

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