Chelsea Bullock

Product Manager @ MailChimp



JAM London 2019



Chelsea Bullock is a newly minted Product Manager at Mailchimp. Before September, she worked as a Senior UX Researcher at Mailchimp on the Product Insights team, which uses qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research to understand Mailchimp’s customers, products, and industry landscape—all of which are critical inputs to prioritizing product decisions, guiding feature development, and crafting customer experience. She’s also worked on UX research and design teams at IBM and Salesforce.

Chelsea earned her PhD in Media Studies from the University of Oregon where her work focused on how the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves define significant cultural shifts and present opportunities for progressive intervention. Specifically, she focused on how reality television has allowed us to broaden and enrich those stories. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, son, and dog; she loves traveling the world with her family, kickboxing, and trying to keep houseplants alive.