Ellen MacKay

Product Manager @ Monzo



JAM Barcelona 2019


Product Leaders Weekend 2019



Ellen is a Senior Product Manager at Monzo, the bank with an ambitious goal of making money work for everyone. Founded in 2015, Monzo has amassed a cult-like following, as well as many industry accolades. Most recently in October 2018, Monzo topped Which? consumer survey as Britain’s best-rated lender.

Before she joined Monzo’s lending team, Ellen was Head of Product in the competitive edtech sector. At Lingvist, she saw the app’s user base grow from a few hundred to over 2 million, and scaled its product team to meet new challenges along the way. Coming from a lean startup with 50 employees, she fully expected to be faced with slower processes due to the 600+ head count and financial compliance demands at Monzo. To her surprise, she found the product development cycle to be 10x faster.

Ellen will share the practical lessons of working with speed as a habit, and how to keep product momentum as your team and organisation grows.