Hristina Racheva

Localisation Lead @ Skyscanner



JAM Barcelona 2019



Hristina is a Localisation Product Manager at Skyscanner where she leads the localisation team and focuses on evangelisation, localisation strategy and workflows optimisation.

Call her crazy but she thinks that localisation is a fascinating discipline and crucial for any business, being at the intersection of languages, technology, product, design and UX. And she is on a mission to get everyone else excited about it. After all, how can a business or a product be successful and truly global if it doesn’t respond to the needs of all its users no matter where in the world they are from.

She had previously worked on the localisation team at Google and prior to that was a translator at various European institutions.

Hristina is a strong believer in the power of building communities to share learnings and support each other - she co-organises a Localisation Meetup in Barcelona and co-leads an online community that mentors graduates and young professionals entering the localisation industry. A global citizen at heart, she speaks 5 languages and has lived in 10 different countries, so far.