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You didn't fail, your product did

Susana Lopes

Senior Product Manager, Onfido
JAM London 2019

How to scale your product globally

Kaarel Kuddu

Head of Product, Transferwise
JAM London 2019

Terms of engagement: research as a team sport

Chelsea Bullock

Product Manager, MailChimp
JAM London 2019

Building with stories

Jeff Gardner

Head of Platform Partnerships, Intercom
JAM London 2019

When ROI, MOSCOW and RICE are not enough

Anna Miedzianowska

Principal Product Manager, Ocado Technology
JAM Barcelona 2019

Localisation strategies for global success

Hristina Racheva

Localisation Lead, Skyscanner
JAM Barcelona 2019

A work in progress

Lindsey Jayne

VP Product, Monzo
JAM Barcelona 2019

Netflix: wicked hard decisions

Gibson Biddle

Former VP Product, Netflix
JAM London 2018

Stakeholders: collaboration vs confrontation

Ian Curtis

Product Manager, The Telegraph
JAM London 2018

The trouble with Design Systems

Radu Chelariu

Product Design Manager, PaddyPower Betfair
JAM London 2018

Designing for global markets

Femke Van Schoonhoven

Product Designer, Uber
JAM London 2018

Building knowledge equity: bringing Wikipedia to emerging markets

Charlotte Gauthier

Product Manager, Wikimedia Foundation
JAM London 2018

Moving fast and slow: bringing hardware and software together

Michael Willmott

Head of Product & Technology, Beryl
JAM London 2018

Designing beyond the screen

Gabriel Valdivia

Design Lead, Facebook
JAM London 2017


Mads Victor

Head of Design, PeakOn
JAM London 2017

How we built stuff nobody asked for

Cindy Chang

Senior Product Designer, Intercom
JAM London 2017

Fueling innovation at Strava

Melissa Sweet

Product Designer, Strava
JAM London 2017

Building 'What's On' on the V&A website

Eva Liparova

Product Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum
JAM London 2017

Users don't want features, they want better content

Pantelis Korovilas

Lead Product Designer, Hopper
JAM London 2017

Customer research for rapid making

Fiona McLaren

Senior Product Manager, Made by Many
JAM London 2017

Redesigning Deliveroo

Simon Rohrbach

Head of Design, Deliveroo
JAM London 2016

Best idea wins: behind product at Lyst

Shaun Russell

Product Manager, Lyst
JAM London 2016

Building a learning culture of continuous improvement

Heather Taylor-Portmann

Learning & Development Lead, ustwo
JAM London 2016

The mission-driven startup

Nilan Peiris

VP of Growth, Transferwise
JAM London 2016

Keeping user personas alive

Anna Miedzianowska

Principal Product Manager, Ocado Technology
JAM London 2016

Designing the Monzo app

Hugo Cornejo

Head of Design, Monzo
JAM London 2016

Behind the roadmap at busuu

Antoine Sakho

Head of Product, busuu
JAM London 2016

Where do good product roadmaps come from?

Will Swannell

Founder & CEO, HireSpace
JAM London 2015

Putting people at the heart Of government

Anna Wojnarowska

User Researcher, Government Digital Service
JAM London 2015

Design at SwiftKey

Scott Weiss

VP Design, SwiftKey
JAM London 2015

Using data to decide what to do

Graham Paterson

Product Manager, undefined
JAM London 2015

Research for the rest

Rachel Ilan Simpson

UX Designer, Google
JAM London 2015

Getting the culture right

Tim Davey

Co-Founder & Head of Product, OneFineStay
JAM London 2015

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