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An insider look into how Typeform ships value to its customers

Sebastien Phlix

Typeform @ Product Manager

As humans we all want a successful, fulfilling career. But what does a ‘good’ career look like when we’re faced with an ever-changing set of technologies and a skillset that’s being defined under our feet? How do we know we’re focused on the right things? Enter the spreadsheet. Product leaders across the world are using hand-made tools to define what ‘good’ looks like for their teams. They hope to help people feel like they know what’s expected of them and how to grow in the right direction. At Progression Jonny’s spent the last 18 months researching their efforts and looking for something better. He believes that a better way lies beyond the reach of any one company. To achieve career nirvana we all need to work together to build defining careers, not just jobs. Jonny will take you through his learnings and give you the tools to both map your team’s dream careers and follow your own.
JAM Barcelona 2019
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About Sebastien

Sebastien is a Senior Product Manager at Typeform in Barcelona, one of Europe’s fastest growing SaaS companies. He is responsible for improving the experience for the 50mn+ monthly form respondents on mobile & desktop. He loves well-designed, simple products that make people's lives better.

Sebastien advises startup founders across Europe, and writes about Product Management for brands like Hackernoon. Prior to joining Typeform 3 years ago, Sebastien worked in Consulting and completed a Master's in Management degree from HEC Paris."

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