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Behind the roadmap at busuu

Antoine Sakho

busuu @ Head of Product

Every month, millions of people around the world use busuu to learn a new language. We have an incredible team of Engineers, Designers, Marketeers and Education Experts. We?re all driven to make our product succeed. So we all agree on the roadmap, right? Nope! At least not to start with... In this talk, we?d like to share how we?ve iterated our planning process over 12 months. How do we keep alignment between business objectives, customer problems and internal stakeholders? Between long-term vision, quarterly targets and sprint cycles?
JAM London 2016

About Antoine

On a mission to enable everyone on the planet to learn a new language, Antoine runs Product at busuu, apps and website used by millions every month. A polyglot himself, he loves giving people superpowers through technology.

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