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Breaking silos at John Lewis: collaboration in a century-old organisation

Steve Kato-Spyrou

John Lewis @ UX Manager

The journey from departmental silos to collaborative, cross- functional teams is a familiar one that few of us get to hear the ins and outs of. In a business like John Lewis, where a level of organisational debt had built up, a new product initiative was the perfect opportunity to break out of those inefficient shackles and lead the organisation in a new era of agile ways of working. Steve will talk through the scary times, the successes and lessons learned of how it took a collaboration-first approach to get John Lewis back on track.
JAM London 2018

About Steve

Steve is the UX Manager at John Lewis, leading and coaching a team of UX designers. He has lead the componentization of the John Lewis and sites, in order to create a consistent customer experience.

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