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Building knowledge equity: bringing Wikipedia to emerging markets

Charlotte Gauthier

Wikimedia Foundation @ Product Manager

Wikipedia wants to break down the social, political, and technical barriers that prevent people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge. For the Android team, this has meant redesigning the app for completely new contexts of use and building awareness of Wikipedia and its mission in emerging markets. From the vagaries of conducting user research in languages you don?t speak to the pitfalls of working with local vendors to spread the word, Charlotte will share the process of bringing the Wikipedia Android app to the next generation of users in India and Africa.
JAM London 2018

About Charlotte

Charlotte has helped organisations from seed-stage startups to major publishers better understand their users, design compelling experiences, and launch amazing products. Currently Android PM at Wikimedia Foundation, she was previously Lead UX Designer at the Guardian and Head of Product at startups in Berlin and London.

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