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Building 'What's On' on the V&A website

Eva Liparova

Victoria and Albert Museum @ Product Manager

Exhibition and event tickets is the biggest source of online revenue for the Victoria & Albert Museum. So how can you rebuild and launch the 'What?s On' section of the website while not bringing down ticketing? Eva will share the honest retrospective on what it?s like to build a beautiful and easy- to-use product at the museum while working with old technology, set processes and passionate stakeholders.
JAM London 2017
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About Eva

Eva Liparova is a product manager at the Victoria & Albert Museum, responsible for defining and delivering all things digital at the museum. She has previously worked as a product manager at Knotch, an intelligence software for measuring the impact of digital marketing. Working with various brands and startups, she has also been a freelance theatre producer, community manager and startup founder in Berlin, London and San Francisco.

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