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Building with stories

Jeff Gardner

Intercom @ Head of Platform Partnerships

You can see the final product in your head. It’s beautiful, it’s useful, you know it’s valuable. And you also know the job is too big for just one person. How do you convince people that your idea is worth building, and once you do, how do you ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal? The same picture you can see so clearly in your mind.Storytelling is a critical skill when it comes to building strong and aligned teams and enabling those teams to build better products faster. Come along on a journey with Jeff as he tells the story of Intercom’s early product team, walks you through how he built Intercom’s 100 person support team, and explains how stories even when it came time to build Intercom’s Platform.He’ll break down how to use storytelling effectively to build products and to build the teams that build those products. A few highlights:Why stories work and the elements of a good talCrafting your story, and getting past your doubtBuilding story habits into your daily routine.
JAM London 2019
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About Jeff

Jeff Gardner is Head of Platform Partnerships at Intercom. In his 7 years at Intercom, Jeff has seen the company grow from 8 to 600+ and over and over again has experienced the importance of using storytelling to create high performing and culturally aligned teams through various stages of growth.

Currently, in his role as Head of Platform Partnerships, Jeff remains focused on delighting customers by bringing Intercom together with partners to build apps and integrations that power relationships and fuel growth.

Jeff lives in the Italian alps and spends as much time as he can outside; climbing, skiing, and running.

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