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Failure...what we don’t talk enough about

Maryam Mazraei

Autopsy @ Founder & CEO

You think it’s the best product ever built, you convince your co-founders and team to follow you on the path to success but what you start realising is that the road is bumpier than any other with unknowns at every corner. In the tech space particularly, there is a lack of retrospect of what our predecessors have built and learning from their mistakes. In a market where success and billion-dollar exits and valuations are so celebrated, the majority end up in failure and hardly anyone talks about them. Join us to understand the learnings derived from failure and practices to put to track your startup’s health.
JAM London 2019
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About Maryam

Maryam started Autopsy after her first startup, an ethical menswear e-commerce company failed and spotted an opportunity in learning from failure. Maryam has over 9 years of experience in branding and digital marketing with rounded knowledge and experience in both the startup environments and scale-ups in a range of industries such as SaaS and E-commerce.

Maryam also has a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship from UCL and consistently gives talks and provides mentorship to fellow entrepreneurs.

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