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Fueling innovation at Strava

Melissa Sweet

Strava @ Product Designer

Melissa will give you a glimpse into the Strava Jams, a company-wide internal hackathon where teams are free to rapidly create new products, experiences, and out- there ideas. Not without controversy, Jams has challenged the company to think on its feet and strive in the face of ambiguity. She will also cover how Jams has evolved over time to face these challenges, and how others can apply a similar system elsewhere.
JAM London 2017

About Melissa

Melissa is a Product Designer at Strava, a social network for athletes based in San Francisco, California. Prior to joining Strava, Melissa led UX teams working with companies such as: Playstation, the NBA, Dreamworks, and Faraday Future. She loves cycling, anime and cute doggos.

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Fueling innovation at Strava

Melissa Sweet

Product Designer, Strava
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