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How to scale your product globally

Kaarel Kuddu

Transferwise @ Head of Product

Launching your product in new markets is hard! Where to go to first? How do I need to change my product? How do I figure out what people want there? How will I know if I am doing good in a market? When to start investing in marketing? These are all questions going through many PMs minds when scaling your product across the world. Kaarel Kuddu, Head of Product of TransferWise will give us insights into those questions and talk about how they have scaled TransferWise from a small startup sending money from UK to Europe to a global leader in sending money across the world operating in more then 60 countries. Before becoming the Head of Product Kaarel was leading their international expansion so has first hand experience in launching many of their markets.
JAM London 2019
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About Kaarel

Kaarel is the Head of Product at TransferWise. For four years, he’s been responsible for the expansion and development of the TransferWise product around the world. Prior to TransferWise, he founded and ran a product and engineering consultancy.

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