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How we built stuff nobody asked for

Cindy Chang

Intercom @ Senior Product Designer

What do you do when you?ve heard the same feature requests from customers time and time again? Do you just build the darned thing to appease them? In these situations, we?re all probably trained to deeply understand the user?s problem first. But just how far should we go down this rabbit hole, and what good does it actually do? What results does it yield? In this talk, Cindy will explain how her team designed and built key features in Intercom?s Respond product that began as simple customer requests yet ended up far beyond their origins.
JAM London 2017
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About Cindy

Cindy Chang is a Senior Product Designer at Intercom in Dublin, Ireland, where she?s on the mission to make business personal. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Cindy studied design, education, and computer science at Stanford University, and has previously worked at companies like Salesforce and Intuit. She?s passionate about designing workshops and blending design thinking methodologies with visual narrative to create meaningful products.

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