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Keeping user personas alive

Anna Miedzianowska

Ocado Technology @ Principal Product Manager

Creating user personas (and doing it right) is an important part of product development. However, even perfect personas often die, because they are not used enough. This case study is focused on what more can be done to keep personas alive and benefit from their existence.
JAM London 2016

About Anna

While Anna's names might seem unpronounceable at first (it's pronounced A-N-A, by the way), she is defiantly not someone who is hard to understand. Making complex things simple is at the core of what she does. For the past 4 years, Anna has been applying that principle at Ocado Technology.

Her first role at Ocado was to improve the lives of their delivery drivers by providing software that helps them be the best they can be. She did this by regularly asking them what they needed (I know, who does that?).

Now Anna is Head of Product and her goal is to keep Ocado at the bleeding edge of customer experience by tightening feedback loops, assessing value and validating delivery. Sounds simple? It is, thanks to Anna.

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