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Moving fast and slow: bringing hardware and software together

Michael Willmott

Beryl @ Head of Product & Technology

This is partly a story about how Beryl is building a better bike share for cities; but it is mostly a story about how you introduce a digital product team into a hardware company, and the lessons learned on both sides. How do you build and iterate on digital products quickly when the hardware they depend on goes much more slowly? Can we apply learnings from building digital products to hardware teams? In this talk, Michael will go through these challenges, and some of the techniques Beryl is using to bring both teams together.
JAM London 2018

About Michael

Having gone from aerospace engineering to founding a global research platform for universities, Michael now leads product for Beryl. He is on a mission to get more people in cities on two wheels; combining his passion for cycling, technology and keen interest in the future of cities and mobility.

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