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Users don't want features, they want better content

Pantelis Korovilas

Hopper @ Lead Product Designer

We set out to do something long overdue: build a way to filter the results in our flight prediction app, Hopper. This was our #1 requested feature and seemed like an easy win. After shipping, however, the results caught us by surprise and taught us a thing or two about how to read between the lines when listening to users, to design solutions instead of features, and to understand what our product was really about.
JAM London 2017
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About Pantelis

Pantelis is an award-winning, mobile-first product designer with a knack for product strategy, app architecture, illustration, photography, and finding the best coffee-shops in town. Currently, as Lead Product Designer at Hopper, he?s helping drive the product concept and design of Hopper?s iOS and Android apps. Pantelis designed Hopper?s super-fast, mobile booking flow?QuickTap Booking?which surpassed $1 million in gross bookings the first 12 days after launch on iOS, among other successes that have led Hopper to be a #1 travel app in hundreds of countries.

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