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You didn't fail, your product did

Susana Lopes

Onfido @ Senior Product Manager

You’re barely a year or two into the job and it already feels like you’re failing all over the place. You haven’t tried the latest prioritisation framework and last week you didn’t speak to enough users. Product Managers are constantly bombarded by the curated stories of success of others. Is this really helping? In her talk, Susana will remove all veneer and share frank painful stories of failure during her career from Graduate to Senior Product Manager: Removing yourself from the failure equation Understanding failures and growth through each stage of your career Failing forwards and upwards
JAM London 2019
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About Susana

Susana Lopes is a Senior Product Manager at Onfido. She has over 5 years' experience working on B2B products, having taken multiple high profile features and products all the way from inception to launch.

She has a breadth of platform experience across Web Front & Back End, iOS, Android and Machine Learning Infrastructure products, and is a proud data nerd with a MEng from Imperial College London.

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You didn't fail, your product did

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