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JAM Online – a new format

Posted on 27 July 2020 by Mathilde Leo

What's new?

JAM 2020 moves online –– for the most accessible, interactive, and relevant experience ever! Join more than 800 attendees for an entire week of networking and content that will help propel you towards success on your product journey.

But that's not all. For those who're craving real-life connections, we're excited to organise the JAM Salon. It's an exclusive experience, with fire-side chats, guided discussions, and capped attendance to allow product leaders to reconnect in a safe environment –– in-person. 🛋

What stays the same?

We're staying true to our guiding principle of sharing stories from product people like you. JAM speakers are your peers, not experts. The stories they share are practical and relatable –– and the insights you'll gain incomparable to traditional conferences.


Your favourite product community is going strong

Posted on 25 July 2020 by Marta Krzeminska

The way we run from the speakers we select to the experiences we create is based on your needs as a product leader. This year you've seen us test new ideas, and help product people learn and support each other in the face of uncertainty. And we're still going strong!

What do we have in store for the second half of 2020?

Many changes!

All designed to make sure you continue learning and progressing on your career path. Even more so in these dynamic times.

👌 JAM goes online, with a twist

Our two annual conferences, in Barcelona and London, become one 5-day online product festival JAM Online 2020.

You can expect what you love us for—12 stellar speakers sharing biggest lessons from navigating a tough year, and 10 instructors to teach you career-building skills. You'll connect with 800+ product leaders during virtual speed networking sessions.

But, that's not all. For those craving real-life connections, we designed The JAM Salon. This smaller, more intimate event will facilitate in-depth conversations in a safe environment.

The JAM Salon is of the few quality IRL product events to go ahead in London in 2020, but 🔴 we only have 100 spots!

Secure yours now!

💪 The Remote PM returns for round two

We've been amazed by your engagement with the content at The Remote PM in May. The 140 product leaders who joined us were eager to learn and connect in creative ways, proving remote events can impress if designed intentionally.

The topics of remote work, leadership, and team management are now more relevant than ever. To respond to your burning need to explore them the JAM team is already working on round two of The Remote PM.

Keep your eyes on your inbox to be the first one to know!

🤩 Learn and connect, the way you prefer. At JAM Online 2020

We created three different ticket tiers for JAM Online, so you can pick how to best engage with the content. We also have a discount for those who jump on board early. 😉

Ready to continue growing your product skills?

Secure your spot today!

The Remote PM Beat All Our Expectations

Posted on 08 June 2020

168 product managers, 840 messages, 137 new connections. That’s more than we anticipated when we started planning The Remote Product Manager in mid-March. It’s true, JAM had already build a strong reputation in designing experiences for product people. But, those were all in-person.

Launching a remote experience meant throwing ourselves into the unknown.

Our goal was to create a candid virtual event to help product people connect with each other, and navigate their transition to remote –– despite the distance.

We knew simply moving our IRL events onto the screen wouldn’t cut it. Similarily, we didn't want a passive webinar. We wanted something else than a Zoom call.

We needed to reinvent ourselves.

Virtual events operate by different rules, but there was no manual in sight.

Challenge accepted

When we set out to plan The Remote PM, we had a number of questions — will anyone show up to our virtual experience? Will attendees engage with the content, and will they connect with each other? Curious to know what happened?

👉 Spoiler alert! This tweet summarises the general vibe. Read on to discover what we learned from running our first virtual event.

Will people show up?

The online space is busy. We knew we’ll be competing for eyeballs and attention with free webinars and zoom calls on the one hand and home distractions on the other. Will an event with a narrowly-targeted audience attract enough people?

^The initial response to the idea seemed positive...

Turns out the appetite for online content is real. Not only we had 168 people register for the event, but a record high, 94%, attendance rate—higher than for our in-person events. We were able to bring together 10 experienced remote PMs to share their tools and practices. It was this carefully curated program tailored to the immediate challenges of newly remote teams that appealed to the audience and brought an interested crowd.

"Attending #TheRemotePM today to get me back in the product mindset after 2 weeks off - already value for money for the remote networking session alone - way better than nervous/awkward F2F networking!"

Jeshua Maxey, Director of Product Management, Cytora

Will people engage with the content?

When a new browser tab is one click away, it’s a challenge to keep online attendees engaged. Is there a way to create a two-way exchange and a hands-on experience?

We decided to find out by trying a new event format. Result? The majority of people stayed active until the very end of a 4.5 hour event!

Our best guess is that we owe the success to three things: format, focus on participation, and the host.

Rather than having a series of presentations we mixed short talks with fireside chats, hands-on workshops, and networking breaks. We also moderated quick-paced chat exchanges, and short participatory sessions. Our host, Matt LeMay, guided the crowd through the experience with humour, distance, and resistance to software adversities.

Attendees told us they were fond of the honesty and conversational tone of the event.

^Not the only time Matt LeMay made us laugh!

At @makingjam #theremotepm @mattlemay reflects on how we can no longer compartmentalize. Not only because our children and pets photobomb our calls, but also because we no longer have the emotional capacity to do so.

Susana Lopes, Director of Product, Onfido

Will people connect with each other?

It was not possible to have 168 people join an event on camera at the same time. We feared participants won’t stay engaged. To create more opportunities for building 1-1 connections, one of the sales-points of The Remote PM was a chat roulette.

In that session you're randomly matched with another participant and have five minutes to video-chat. Sounds simple, but such "speed-networking" could be awkward even for those experienced in remote work life. Truth be told, we were not sure people will participate in these sessions at all!

We were wrong! Our post event survey shows 67% of attendees took part in the speed-networking sessions and, not just that, many have found it the most valuable part of the event.

With our three tuned-in moderators the chat remained dynamic throughout the event— questions, jokes, and extra resources flowing from all corners. Altogether the product crowd exchanged 840 chat messages, did 6 polls, and made 137 connection requests.

As for the workshop participation, this capture of 50 people jointly editing a Miro board with Tim Herbig is a testimony to the limitlessness of online engagement!

Success declared!

The Remote PM was a test and our entry into the land of remote events. Did we pass?

In our post-event survey attendees gave us an average rating of 8.04/10!

The survey also made clear what the audience is hungry for. More speed networking, hands-on workshops, conversational sessions, and…more pets!

You can be sure we'll deliver. We’re actually already cooking up something cool... ;-)

Want to get an invite the moment it’s ready? Join the JAM tribe!

Some joined the event with pets.

Others with very junior PMs.

JAMming online with 180 product people

Posted on 25 May 2020 by Jeff Gardner

What I learned at my first virtual conference

I’ve been working remotely for nearly 15 years. First as a software developer and later building large remote teams at a hyper-growth startup. I’m very comfortable working with people from the other side of a camera. And yet, my finger hesitated for more than a moment before I clicked the big “Get started” button in the middle of the page.

The Remote PM, the first virtual conference from JAM, had just started for real and I was about to start the first of several speed networking sessions. If you’ve ever heard of speed dating, then you get the concept. You’re paired at random with another attendee for a 5-minute chat; no agenda, no bias towards selecting familiar faces. I took a deep breath and mashed down on the trackpad.

Let’s take this online

As the COVID crisis deepened in early March, Mathilde and Seb, the creators of JAM, had an excruciating call to make. They’d planned a full year’s worth of events, both large and small, all across Europe. Now it looked like most, if not all, of those events would have to be postponed or cancelled. As experienced product builders themselves however, they and their team started looking for workarounds and weighing the tradeoffs. Clearly, they’d have to postpone the in-person events. But that didn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t be able to do anything. For the first time, they started to seriously consider what a virtual event would look like.

The Remote PM is the first virtual conference that JAM has organized but they are no strangers to organizing in-person conferences. JAM London has been running for 6 years now, drawing upwards of 700 PMs, designers, and engineers. JAM Barcelona is in its second year and last year the JAM team ran their first Product Leaders Weekend–an intimate gathering of seasoned product leaders at a secret rural location in Wales. But, as so many of us have realized over the last two months, remote is different. While some of that experience would be applicable, much of it would be useless.

The decision to host a virtual event might have been a tough one but settling on the premise of the conference was an easy call. With so much of the world being thrown into working from home, many people and companies have struggled to translate their processes and rituals into remote-friendly alternatives. The Remote PM would be focused entirely on giving product folks tactical tips and tools they could use immediately to hopefully ease the pain of the transition and help their teams find a new rhythm working remotely. In addition to more traditional speaking slots, practical workshops (one of which was run live in Miro with 50+ attendees!) helped to give small groups space to explore their own specific challenges and several speed networking breaks reminded everyone that we’re all in this together.

With the exception of my first speed networking pairing (my partner didn’t realize he was actually in a call) the pairings were surprisingly fun. A five minute time limit means that you are forced to dive immediately into asking questions and telling your own story. The limit also means that you’re never afraid of getting trapped in any single conversation for too long. After four great conversations with four completely different people the session was finished and it was time to switch to the main stage content.

While we sat there waiting for the speakers to come up on the screen, I thought to myself that this is what early broadcast television must have been like; before 24 hour programming and endless ads. The screen came alive and Matt LeMay, a lanky, endearingly earnest man with a wild shock of dark curly hair, sat facing us from his basement office that doubles as a recording studio. Guitars lined one entire wall, a drum kit was barely visible behind him. I’d met Matt last autumn speaking at JAM London but in an instant I learned something new and more personal about him. This theme would be repeated with speaker after speaker. The Hopin platform made it feel as though you were on a direct video call with each speaker. The fact that you could clearly see their facial expressions and body language made the content more engaging. You could also see their houses in the background, which made the entire experience feel more personal. Given the attendees and speakers were scattered all over the planet, this intimacy and immediacy was surprising and delightful.

So, did The Remote PM deliver?

To be quite honest, even after 15 years of working remotely, I was skeptical that a virtual conference could be useful, much less enjoyable. I love the in-person experience and personality of conferences and live events. The idea that a virtual event could recreate even a small portion of that magic felt too far fetched to me. But I’ll go on record as converted after The Remote PM. The speakers and other attendees were top notch, the content was inspiring and helpful, the energy was palpable, and the technology–while not without it’s hiccups–mostly took a backseat and let all of us humans interact in a natural, personal, and authentic way.

How we're dealing with COVID-19

Posted on 30 April 2020

During these unprecedented times, everyone is dealing with a lot of change and uncertainty. Now, more than ever, our goal is to provide makers with a place to connect, learn and grow together.

Our team has been closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the guidelines published by the relevant authorities. Our number one priority is ensuring the safety of everyone involved in our events. We will continue to monitor the situation and guidelines and will revisit our policy periodically.

Our first measures include:

  • Moving JAM London to a virtual format

  • Reducing the total event capacity to 50 people for Product Leaders Weekend and 80 people for JAM Salon –– to ensure social distancing guidelines are met

In addition to various routine procedures (e.g. checking that caterers and other relevant contractors have a valid food hygiene and public liability insurance certificate), we will assemble a dedicated Health & Safety team who will:

  • Ensure that all hand washing facilities are available and kept well stocked.

  • Manage the check-in and lunch queue to ensure social distancing rules are observed.

  • Ensure that all waste is regularly taken out by venue staff.

  • Regularly clean all high-risk fixtures and fittings (e.g. food counters, door handles etc).

  • Generally see to it that we are doing everything required of us to provide the safest possible environment for everyone involved.

Additionally, we will:

  • Setup hand sanitiser stations.

  • Distribute tissues and masks to all participants.

  • Set up social distancing markers at all queue points (toilets, coffee, lunch, etc).

  • Each speaker will get a designated mic, and clickers will be disinfected in between each use.

  • Not allow participants who show symptoms or have been exposed to a person tested positive (full refund for sickness-related cancellations)

New date confirmed for Product Leaders Weekend 2020

Posted on 13 April 2020 by Mathilde Leo

Nobody knows what the world will look like in a few months. What we know, however, is that we'll all be craving to reconnect. And when social distancing ends, we'll be there for you!

With that in mind, we're excited to announce our new date for the 2020 edition of the Product Leaders Weekend.

📅 The event will now take place on:

Monday September 28 - Thursday October 1

Here's the schedule:

Monday: arrive at the venue with fellow attendees. You can either get there by your own means, or get on the JAM coach from London or Cardiff.

Tuesday & Wednesday: talks, activities, campfires and dinners.

Thursday: goodbye breakfast and departure.

What if I can't make the new date?

We understand that these are unprecedented times, and we'll do our best to find solutions. If you have previous commitments, we can offer the following options:

  • Swap your ticket to one of our other events

  • Credit for a future Product Leaders Weekend event

  • Transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague

Will the speakers be the same?

Yes, and as a bonus, with the event taking place a little later in the year, you'll get to learn from 3 additional speakers and participate in some additional activities! More prep time means a better programme for you!

What other event can I attend in the meantime?

We've been busy over the last couple of weeks, and are pleased to announce our very first virtual event – The Remote Product Manager. A place to help you navigate the remote transition with fellow product leaders – fully online, with the same high-quality content, with an extra dose of interactivity.

To thank you for your patience and continuous support, we'd like to offer you a free ticket – just send us an email for more information (this offer is only valid for existing Product Leaders Weekend 2020 ticket holders).

Stay safe, take care, and see you in September! 😊

Announcing, The Remote PM – a new event centered around helping transition your team to remote.

Posted on 07 April 2020

Like most product teams, you've probably gone remote overnight. We know it's not easy, but the show must got on, right?

After 3 weeks of hard work, we're pleased to announce our very first virtual event: The Remote Product Manager.

It's not a webinar. It's not a Zoom call. It's a new format that blends carefully-curated sessions, fireside chats and guided discussions with remote product leaders.

You will learn how to:

  • adapt your product practices in times of crisis

  • implement remote-first communication rituals

  • fine-tune your habits and leadership skills

  • facilitate ideation workshops remotely

And of course, non-awkward speed networking to help you connect with those who're in the same boat. You can talk about product, remote work, or just vent!

🗓 When

May 14th, 2020

🌐 Where

Wherever you are

👙 Dress code

From suits to onesies!

👉 Early birds now available (until April 17) – get yours now!

It's (still) the year of growth

Posted on 31 March 2020 by Marta Krzeminska

Our plan for this year was to invest in growth. Last month, we announced four new events, lined up incredible speakers, and revamped our website. Q1 was going amazingly, until the pandemic hit. Like everyone else, we had to adapt quickly. As creators of real-life experiences for makers, we'd be lying if we said we didn't have a few low days.

We turned to our community for input, and we heard you loud and clear: JAM must go on.

Here's what we've been discussing behind the scenes, and how we see the future of JAM in these difficult times.

We'll keep jamming IRL

Ever since 2015, our mission has been to bring makers together in real life. We see incredible value in connecting people away from their screens. Now more than ever, we believe in this mission.

When social distancing ends and everyone is craving to reconnect, we'll be there for you. We'll welcome you with a big smile (and plenty of hugs) 🤗 at JAM Barcelona and JAM London.

👉 Join JAM in-person this fall

We're launching Remote tickets

The current crisis got us to roll up our sleeves and work on something we've had on our backlog for a while: Remote tickets! We designed this as a more affordable option to join our events from anywhere in the world. After several weeks of discussions and research, we're excited to open the bookings today!

👉 Get a remote ticket to JAM London

👉 Get a remote ticket to JAM Barcelona

Grow with us!

Our plan for this year was to invest in growth. This plan hasn't changed – only the path means have. Booking your ticket today will help us continue organising the events we all love so much – we can't do it without you.

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