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Tom Greever
Product Strategy & Design Consultant

Articulating Design Decisions

Talking to people about design might seem like a basic skill, but it can be difficult to do efficiently and well. And, in many cases, how you communicate with designers, stakeholders, clients, and other non-designers is more critical than the designs themselves – simply because the most articulate person usually wins.

Based on the best-selling book from O'Reilly, this practical and fun workshop focuses on principles, tactics, and actionable methods for presenting design.


We will:

  • Get in the right frame of mind for discussing design
  • Identify stakeholder values and needs
  • Manage design meetings and conversations
  • Listen to design feedback effectively
  • Document design decisions for the future
  • Effectively respond to design feedback
  • Apply common strategies and tactics for making your case

Who it's for

Anyone who needs to talk about design! While most attendees will be designers, many developers, product owners, researchers, and business people also benefit from the ideas and best practices. Regardless of your role in the design process, everyone needs to be better at articulating design decisions.

Key takeaways

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be more confident in your ability to help stakeholders understand the design you recommend. Articulating Design Decisions will equip you to communicate with stakeholders, keep your sanity, and still deliver the best user experience.

  • Walk through the process of preparing for and presenting design.

  • Understand stakeholder perspectives, and learn how to empathize with them.

  • Cultivate both implicit and explicit listening skills.

  • Learn tactics and formulas for expressing the most effective response to feedback.

  • Discover why the way you follow through is just as crucial as the meeting itself.

About the instructor

Tom Greever
Product Strategy & Design Consultant at Tom Greever

Tom Greever has been designing interfaces and leading design teams for 20 years. His experience as a UX designer, executive design leader, and consultant has given him a broad perspective on how better communication yields great design. He has coached and mentored teams on design practices and communication at both large enterprises and small start-ups all over the world. He lives in Illinois in the US with his wife and five kids. He is probably cleaning up the house right now.

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