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Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product
Personal Growth

Hacking Your Product Leader Career

Gibson will help you learn from his successes and failures, and take your career wherever you want it to be.


Technology has evolved so quickly, that in order to be a successful product leader, you need to learn and grow even faster. What are the skills required to be a successful product leader and how do you accelerate learning? In this workshop, Gibson ('Gib') will help you learn from his successes and failures running large PM, data, design and technology teams at Electronic Arts, The Learning Company, Mattel, Netflix, and Chegg to take your career wherever you want it to be.

Gib will drill down into a few critical skill areas presenting tools, models and templates that you will apply to yourself and your own products and companies. These include:

  • How to position and brand both your product and yourself
  • How to develop cogent product strategy, metrics and tactics
  • How to make great decisions about people, product and the business

There will be a printed workbook that includes all of the day’s materials, exercises, plus the many articles Gib has written about product leadership.

Who it's for

The workshop is for product leaders who focus on product management, project management, design, data or technology. For many of the exercises, Gib will break participants into groups with similar function, skills and stage of career, to help you connect with peers with similar issues and challenges. There will be a variety of product leaders – from startups to large companies – from both consumer and enterprise technology companies.

Key takeaways

In this workshop, Gib will share:

  • How to take a highly experimental, hypothesis-driven approach to your career

  • The technical and leadership skills needed for a successful product career

  • How to assess and develop your unique "superpowers"

  • How to constantly build and evolve a "personal board of directors" in order to accelerate learning

Timing & schedule

__Intro to Career Hacking__ - The technical and functional leadership skills required of product leaders - How a highly strategic, experimental approach to careers accelerates learning, and how a “personal board of directors” helps jump-start and extend your career. - Discussion/exercises using shared Google slides/handouts

__In-depth Skill Development__ - Discover how exceptional teamwork between marketing and product creates a hard-to-copy, strategic advantage. - Learn two positioning and branding models and how Netflix applied these models to build a brand and product that more than 130 million members love today - Apply these models to your own product/brand.

__Product strategy, metrics and tactics__ - Gib will share three product strategy models: DHM, GLEe, and GEM. - You'll see how these models applied to the growth of Netflix then apply them to your own product/business - This is a case-based approach from Netflix, highlighting key marketing, research, data, design, business and technology issues

__Branding Yourself__ - Gib will share how he combined introspection of his product leader skills and stages, with the positioning/branding models to position and brand himself - You will apply the models to yourself and share your work with others for feedback

__Bringing it all together__ - Chegg: Wicked Hard Decisions: Chegg is Gib's latest startup: the textbook rental company that he helped take public in 2014, now worth $3.5bn. - We'll see how Chegg applied the tools from today to help product leaders make great decisions. - There are four "what would you do" case studies that reinforce how to make great decisions about people, product and the business.

__Conclusions and Reflections__ - Write a letter to yourself, outlining changes you'd like to make in the next three months, based on today's discussion.


None – we'll just need you to submit your LinkedIn profile link in advance so Gib can learn more about you and your career (we'll send an email in due course).

About the instructor

Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product at Netflix

Gibson was VP of Product at Netflix starting in 2005, then in 2010, he became the Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2014. Today, he’s an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies, and teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford.

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