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Amy Shore
Senior UX Consultant
User research

Remote Research –– This Doesn't Feel Weird at All

Lasts approximately 1.5 hours

Remote research, we've always done it but now we've been forced to. It's a useful tool, really useful in fact when you think location isn't an issue, when we think that we can continue to gather insight and drive a project forward despite a global pandemic. But let's face it, chatting to a total stranger through a screen is weird and the insight gathered is only useful when all influencing factors are considered and accounted for.

Based on years of experience as a UX practitioner I’ll deliver some case studies which showcase the good, the bad and the ugly sides of remote research. We’ll talk about how customer research has developed throughout lockdown and call out the lessons for the future. You’ll learn about what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for remote research and apply some practical techniques for making the whole thing a little less weird.


Remote research in itself has its challenges but stick the social, emotional and environmental impact a global pandemic on top of that and you have to tread carefully. This workshop will reflect on some tales of lockdown research and explore ways to apply these learnings as we look to the future.

Who it's for

Researchers, come and share your stories and work on shaping your approach to remote research. Product owners, design and experience managers, come and understand when and why remote research should be used and get a feel for the careful planning that goes into hearing the voice of your customers.

Key takeaways

By the end of this workshop you’ll see remote research from a whole new perspective and be equipped with a set of considerations for how to approach and make the most of this methodology. We’ll look at remote research as a whole, but we won’t avoid the important knowledge gained as a result of continuing to gather insight during the pandemic. I hope to reassure you of the value of remote research, give you the confidence to conduct it and give you practical skills to remove some of the weirdness from zoom calls with strangers.

About the instructor

Amy Shore
Senior UX Consultant at Foolproof

Amy is a Senior UX consultant at Foolproof. She works within project teams, managing and delivering a range of user experience projects. Her focus is around gathering customer insight and developing findings into informed recommendations, which provide value for both clients and their customers. She has years of experience conducting and providing guidance across a range of methodologies.

A big part of her role at Foolproof is demonstrating the value of customer research to clients, working with them to integrate the voice on the customer into their projects and demonstrating how a user-centered design approach drives value for both the clients and their customers.  Amy's job allows her to channel her creative skills and natural curiosity to find out ‘why’ into considered design solutions that will ultimately enhance user experiences.

Before Foolproof Amy worked for 7 years across a range of roles in the retail industry. Much of the knowledge she gained working with users in the physical environment supports her thinking and approach to digital design challenges.

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