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Tom Greever
Product Strategy & Design Consultant

Articulating Design Decisions – Responding to Design Feedback

Lasts approximately 1.5 hours

Responding to design feedback requires you to form your words in a way that will yield the best response by staying focused on the goal of the meeting: to get support and agreement to move forward. To accomplish this, we can break down our response into several core parts. This logic flows together and makes it possible for us to present our reasoning in such a way that it will communicate the very best response.

Who it's for

Anyone who needs to talk about design! Regardless of your role, everyone needs to be better at articulating design decisions. While most attendees are usually designers, I've had many developers, content strategists, product owners, researchers, and business leaders attend. The content, strategies, and exercises easily cross roles.

Senior designers too?

Yep! It's common for senior designers to say they don't need this. Those same people also tell me how much they learned afterward! Even if you have experience, how often are you applying deliberate effort to improve in this area? You may be a black belt, but every time you step on the mat you have to be practiced and ready.

About the instructor

Tom Greever
Product Strategy & Design Consultant at Tom Greever

Tom Greever has been designing interfaces and leading design teams for 20 years. His experience as a UX designer, executive design leader, and consultant has given him a broad perspective on how better communication yields great design. He has coached and mentored teams on design practices and communication at both large enterprises and small start-ups all over the world. He lives in Illinois in the US with his wife and five kids. He is probably cleaning up the house right now.

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