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Learn the skills that matter. Get community support. Go from good to great.

You're struggling to upskill.

If you’re here, you love what you do. You’re good at it. And you have what it takes to become great. But right now you don’t see a clear path to get there. Between team meetings and deadlines, the one thing you never prioritise is yourself.

You feel frustrated. Stuck. Guilty.

Growing as a product leader isn’t as easy as attending a virtual webinar. There’s an overwhelming amount of content out there. And you don't have the time to cut through the noise.

Joining the Jam Club is the easiest way to prioritise your personal growth as a Product Leader.


Learn the skills that matter with live workshops.

These short, carefully-curated, live sessions offer an effective and enjoyable way to up-skill with an engaged group of peers.
Min. 3 live workshops every month
Learn by doing & sharing in small groups
Q&A sessions with your learning group

Go deeper with focused discussions.

Workshops are just the starting point. We then give you the space to absorb and reflect on what you've learnt with your fellow jammers.
Share your real-life experiences and implementation tips
Discuss the topics you care about on the forums
Access resources and learning materials

Get ongoing feedback & support

No matter the challenge you’re facing, you’re not alone. Team up with those who have been there and done it.
AMA sessions with other members
Quarterly networking events
Message other members privately
Community & accountability groups

Why Jam Club is worth it

Amazing value for money
Jam Club is the most affordable way to upskill. All your annual learning needs covered, for the price of one industry event.
Get approval once
No need for management approval every time you want to take part in a workshop. It's all part of your membership!
Don't put work on hold
Our live workshops last 3 hours or less, allowing you to fit learning into your schedule. Can’t attend live? Watch the recording in your own time.
Your time is precious. You can’t spend it on resources that don’t bring results (aka another webinar!). Let us curate the best ones for you.
Only the skills that matter
From product leadership to remote communication, we help you grow the skills and mindsets rarely taught online.
Active discussions
Tired of stale Slack channels? We are too. Jam Club is built around a pay it forward mindset. Our forum facilitates participation and member growth.
Exclusive resources
You’ll have access to a growing list of deals and discounts –– only available to Jam Club members.
Community support
Whatever your challenge, Jam Club connects you with those who are on the same boat.
It's growing with you
We're committed to adapting the Club to your needs, the skills you want to learn, and the challenges you need to solve.
How to join

Invest in yourself today. Grow as a product leader year-round.


Apply today

To ensure the community is always active and useful, we have an application process and accept new members on a periodic basis.

Join the community

Once you've applied, we'll review your application and let you know when a spot opens up. Membership costs £630 per year.

Focus on growing

Automatically access all sessions, year round. No more chasing managers to secure budget or comparing events. It's hassle-free learning, delivered to you.
Who is Jam Club for?
What's the workshop format?
What will I learn?
How is it different from other communities?
What if I can't attend a workshop?
Will there be new JAM events in the future?
Why should I apply ASAP?
What is the refund policy?
How can I convince my boss it's worth it?

Join an engaged community

At JAM, building communities is at the heart of what we do. We believe there's no substitute for learning about a topic from an engaging practitioner alongside a group of like-minded people.
We've seen this at work for the past 6 years, running beloved in-person and remote events for product people.
We created the Jam Club to help the thousands of makers we met over the years continue learning and growing together –– from home, year round.
This year, even though we were all remote, the same energy was there: that heartwarming feeling and sense of community of like minded people that want to create something meaningful for the world. Thank you Jam Team for constantly bringing inspiration and togetherness to product.
Mafalda Marques
Product Manager at Tray.io
To attend JAM Online I woke up at 2 a.m (Pacific time!). But the stellar program and format kept me excited and awake throughout the event. I highly recommend JAM to any Product Manager who is looking to grow and expand their knowledge. Workshops were the most interactive and hands-on I've attended.
Nicole Jendro
Product Manager at GeoCaching
JAM is an amazing place to meet those who experience the same work life as you. It's the perfect environment for learning and socialising with like minded people.
Leila Abidi
Senior Product Owner at Betway Group
I love that the talks are based on real experiences. We're all going through the same challenges, and everyone has their own approach on tackling them. Having attended all five Jams so far, Treatwell attendance this year was 12. We see a huge value at hearing and discussing the talks together. It keeps us aligned. We've also planned our first ever Treatwell Product Day right after this year's Jam to help become a better product team.
Darius Matuliauskas
Head of B2B Product at TreatWell
JAM is a fantastic source of inspiration and insight that brings together some of the best product and design minds in London. I’d recommend it to anyone to bring new ideas and meet great people.
Jamie Keen
Product Manager at DeepMind

Feels like a match?

Great, we can't wait to see you inside! Apply today, and give your future self a year of personal growth.
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Jam Club is where product leaders grow together. Learn the skills that matter. Get community support. And go from good to great.
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