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Jam Club is for product makers and leaders who want to grow together. Every month, tune in to live workshops curated just for you.

Are you struggling to upskill?

We get it. There are hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts and other resources available online. But you’re busy, and finding the right answers takes time.

From design leadership to effective communication, we'll help you learn the skills you need to grow.

Every month, take part in a selection of live workshops, curated for you.

Join the club

JAM Club is a members-only community for makers who care about their personal growth.

Live workshops

Scheduled every month and capped at 20 participants, these interactive sessions offer an effective and enjoyable way to learn new skills.

Fun socials

Build meaningful connections with fellow makers who are on the same personal growth path. A shared commitment adds the accountability you need to succeed.

Sweet deals

Discounts on selected tools, courses, partner events and resources to help you go further.

Learn the skills that matter

Our workshops focus on the essential skills and mindsets needed for the modern maker to thrive.
Learn the tools & techniques to build great products.
Product Discovery
Design for belonging
Design systems
Create the right environment for your team to succeed.
Remote collaboration
Active listening
Managing others
Team culture
Practice the soft skills that will boost your career.
Personal impact
Career growth
Decision making
Better thinking

Workshops taught by makers, like you

Meet a few of the practitioners and industry rock stars excited to share their experience, wisdom, and trusted tools with you.
Steph Troeth
Strategist / Researcher
John Vetan
Design Sprints Academy
Todd Olson
CEO & Founder
Sravanthi Kadali
Lead Product Manager
Lauren Weinstein
Founder & Lecturer
Resonate Coaching
Matt LeMay
Sudden Compass
Mary Agbesanwa
Now You're Talking Network
João Craveiro
Senior Product Manager
Tom Greever
Product Strategy & Design Consultant
Tom Greever
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Ness Labs
Jess Holbrook
Co-lead, People + AI Research
Tim Herbig
Product Management Coach

Discover new workshops every month

Tune in to live workshops from our carefully curated catalogue. Here’s just a sample of what's in store.
Creating design systems with Figma
Fabrizio Cuscini
Product Designer
Supercharge your Design Critiques
Alexis Odysseos
Co-founder, CTO Overflow
Design Sprints Done Right
John Vetan
Co-Founder Design Sprints Academy
Hacking Your Product Leader Career
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product Netflix
Supercharge Your User Research Skills
Matt Ishwerwood
Instructor Mattish Design Limited
Learn Sketch in a Day
Seb Powell
Co-Founder JAM
Developing Empathy for Stakeholders
Tom Greever
Product Strategy & Design Consultant Tom Greever
Remotely Managing Time and Team
Matt LeMay
Co-Founder Sudden Compass
Cards for Humanity: How to Design More Customers into Your Business
Katie Wyburd
Strategy & Growth Director Idean
Charlotte Fereday
Business Design Director Idean
Mindful Product Leadership
Teague Hopkins
Group Product Manager Capital One

Why the Jam Club is worth it

Amazing value for money
All your annual learning needs covered, for the price of one conference.
Learn the skills that matter
We work with a team of industry experts to only bring you the most timely learning experiences.
Always up to date
All workshops take place live, so unlike video content, it never goes stale.
Taught by experts
Experienced teachers and practitioners exploring actual solutions to actual problems.
Don't put work on hold
No need to block time off or cancel your meetings. Pick up some new knowledge in half-a-day or less, every month.
No more decision fatigue
Your time is precious. Let us find the most relevant content for you.
Get approval once
No need for management approval every time you want to take part in a workshop. It's all part of your membership!
Community support
Connect with fellow members year-round to solve your challenges together.
Participating in Jam Online 2020 helped me remember that we are still all together and all connected . This year, even though we were all apart the same energy was there: that heartwarming feeling and sense of community of like minded people that want to create something meaningful for the world. Thank you Jam Team for constantly bringing inspiration and togetherness to product.
Mafalda Marques
Product ManagerImpala
To attend JAM Online I woke up at 2 a.m (Pacific time!). But the stellar program and format kept me excited and awake throughout the event. I highly recommend JAM to any Product Manager who is looking to grow and expand their knowledge. The talks were full of thought-provoking content — I came away with 10 pages of notes — and the virtual lunch tables were great to continue the conversation. That being said, my favorite part was the workshops. Between the full range of virtual interactive tools and hands-on exercises, I gained tangible knowledge that I can now implement in my work as a Product Manager.
Nicole Jendro
Associate Product ManagerGeocaching HQ

A year of learning, for the price of one conference

To provide the best experience, the Jam Club will initially only accept 100 members. Registrations close on the 17th of December, and re-open in spring 2021.
Your membership includes
Live workshops – min 3 per month
Access to members-only community
Vote on upcoming workshops
Virtual networking & parties
Exclusive deals and resources
...your 2021 learning needs sorted!
Join today
Annual membership fee, taken as a single payment. Does not recur automatically. Includes 20% UK VAT.
Save your spot
If you need to secure the necessary budget from your employer, but are interested in signing up, you can save your spot until you have the budget in place.


Who is Jam Club for?
What will I learn?
How is it different from other communities?
When does it start?
What if I can't attend a workshop?
Will there be new JAM events in the future?
How can I convince my boss it's worth it?
Have another question? We're all ears!
Our story

Since our first conference in 2015, more than 8,000 people have attended our events.

At JAM, building communities is at the heart of what we do. We believe there's no substitute for learning about a topic from an engaging practitioner alongside a group of like-minded people.
We've seen this at work for the past 6 years, running beloved in-person and remote events for product people.
We created the Jam Club to help the thousands of makers we met over the years continue learning and growing together –– from home, year round.

Our Guiding Principles

We're committed to creating the best space for makers to grow together. Practically, this means doing things a little differently.


Staying true to our roots, everything we do aims to facilitate meaningful interactions between our members.

Real and candid

Just like at our events, we create a space where you can be your authentic self. There's no right and wrong, no stupid question.

Quality over quantity

We curate only the most impactful workshops, and cap attendance for the best learning experience.

Deep learning

Our sessions focus on exploring and practicing complex skills. The ones you're rarely taught online. We go beyond the basics.

Growing with you

We're committed to adapting the club to your needs, the skills you want to grow, and the challenges you need to solve.

A personal touch

As makers and curators, we will continue to put our heart and soul into crafting the experiences we need to grow.
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