Our mission

To unlock the potential in every maker through the power of real-life experiences.

Back in 2015, we started a small event to hear the stories behind our favourite products. Every year, it spread like wildfire. Without realising, we had invented a different type of event. A non-mainstream alternative to tech conferences.

One that brings together passionate makers who're striving to be better at their craft. That's what brought us to take JAM to new heights. We wanted to give every maker the space to thrive through the power of real-life experiences.

We started our first conference in 2015 as a side project. A few years laters, the two of us scaled it to 600 people. And it became the community we always wanted.
From companies of every shape and size, including IDEO, Netflix, Mozilla, Uber, Monzo, Facebook, Pivotal and many more. They've shared their story at one of our events.
More international every year, our community has been growing entirely through word of mouth. Nothing makes us happier than seeing so many regulars come back every year.

Our guiding principles

We're committed to creating the best space for makers to grow together. Practically, this means doing things a little differently.


Staying true to our roots, everything we do aims to facilitate meaningful interactions between our members.

Real and candid

Just like at our events, we create a space where you can be your authentic self. There's no right and wrong, no stupid question.

Quality over quantity

We curate only the most impactful workshops, and cap attendance for the best learning experience.

Deep learning

Our sessions focus on exploring and practicing complex skills. The ones you're rarely taught online. We go beyond the basics.

Growing with you

We're committed to adapting the club to your needs, the skills you want to grow, and the challenges you need to solve.

A personal touch

As makers and curators, we will continue to put our heart and soul into crafting the experiences we need to grow.

Meet the team

We’re a fully-remote team based out of London, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Atlanta and Bali. The events we create are for ourselves as much as for the community we serve.

Mathilde Leo

Co-founder & Curator
London-based product manager turned full-time digital nomad, I can be found somewhere between Europe and Thailand. Journeying through various freelance projects and side hustles, I now focus on growing the JAM community and mentoring aspiring product managers. In my spare time, I love to eat cheese and fight Muay Thai (very rarely at the same time). I also write about remote working and career hacking for Forbes.

Seb Powell

Co-founder & Maker
Started as a product designer and somehow found myself co-founding both JAM and getagent.co.uk. I also run pro-val.co.uk and am helping event analytics startup airfinity.com ship their product. I recently moved back to Luxembourg where amongst other things I’m learning to renovate old properties.

Marta Krzeminska

Growth Lead
Five years in early-stage start-ups made Marta into a creative problem-solver. As long as the business challenge is not legal or medical, she can probably tackle it! Orientalist by education, aspiring effective altruist and rationalist by soul, she’s now on a self-learning path to becoming a data scientist. Watch out what happens when we bring machine learning to JAM!

Francesca Negro

Psychology graduate turned product designer. Coping mechanisms include, but not restricted to: illustrating abstract concepts, collecting random tattoos and petting strangers’ dogs. AKA for the JAM team as: Chief Illustration Officer (trying to bring that title into fashion), Playlist Maker and Mood Setter.

Antoine Sakho

Curation Lead
I’m a Product leader with 10+ years experience shipping award-winning apps to 100+ million humans. Most recently Head of Product at Busuu, where I helped turn around the business and built a team of exceptional product people. Currently on a break to roam the world, recharge, reflect and learn.

Sophie Graff

Speaker Whisperer
Data Scientist turned Product Manager, I was crowned Slack Queen whilst working at Funding Circle, where I was the all-time top Slacker globally, an accolade of which I am particularly proud. Outside of work, I can be found making new friends at exercise classes and talking to strangers on public transport. I’m putting my communication and social skills to good use as part of the JAM team, with responsibility for onboarding, supporting and taking care of the speakers in the run up to and at events.
Jam Club is where product leaders grow together. Learn the skills that matter. Get community support. And go from good to great.
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