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London 2020

Sharing the stories behind great products

JAM is where makers come together to celebrate their craft, share real-world advice, and help each other grow.

Oct 14th-15th, 2020
London, UK
From £499

Dear Makers,

This year, JAM London turns 6. Time flies when you're having fun! In 2015, the two of us started this event to hear first-hand product stories – not just the wins, but also the failures, the ups and down, and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Fast forward to today, JAM is the community for all those on a mission to build something great.

We hope you'll join us for our best JAM to date!

Mathilde & Seb

What is it?

Building great products is hard. JAM is about learning from those who've been there and done it. Street food, craft coffee, and friendly vibes included.

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Brilliant conference @makingjam, my first time and am really impressed, great speakers, had a top day and gained a lot of insight. Really surpassed other (more expensive) Product conferences I’ve been to. Bravo 👏
Holly Niblett
Product Manager – carwow
"JAM isn't a product conference where everyone is trying to shine and make themselves look good but a meet-up of product lover here to be honest and helpful. They just do things differently and it's very much in phase with the new generation of Product people and that's why I love them."
Lea Samrani
Head of Product – CharityJob

An epic learning experience

What's on

Day 1
Wednesday – 14th Oct '20


Add skills to your your product toolkit with one of our hands-on, specialised workshops, taught by experts in their field.
Day 2
Thursday – 15th Oct '20


Enjoy a series of carefully crafted stories, blending insightful retrospectives, honest lessons and practical tips.


Topic #1

Building with AI

In the wake of the great AI awakening, failing to adapt your product can mean falling behind. But beyond the hype, what does AI really mean for us product people? What's possible today? What skills and frameworks are being used? Let's explore the possibilities -and potential pitfalls- of designing AI-powered products and experiences. Discover how these products are being built today, and learn how we can adapt our skill sets for the decades ahead.

Topic #2

Shaping the future

As the world is changing faster than ever – socially and technologically, our role as makers is also evolving. We have the power (and responsibility) to design better products that solve ever-bigger problems. How do we go about doing this? This year, we’ll learn from the makers who ambitiously focus on social impact with the products they build. We’ll also explore the tools and approaches we can use to shape the future we want to live in.

Topic #3

Sharing stories

We're staying true to our guiding principle of sharing the stories behind great products. With a series of Show & Tell talks, we'll hear insider stories behind new products in the making. Makers will share their behind-the-scenes processes, tools of the trade and lessons learned.



Head of Product, Irrational Labs

Le Cunff

Founder, Ness Labs


Head of Product, Mozilla

Bloch Ron

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft


Co-lead, People+AI Research, Google


Design Lead, Bumble


We're currently a comprehensive program of workshops to choose from. You can already book your ticket and pick your session later.

More speakers and workshops coming soon!

Stay in the loop – sign up for updates.

What to expect

No awkward networking and business cards. Just genuine conversations and friendly vibes. The perfect atmosphere to share what's on your mind and make meaningful connections.

Approachable speakers

You won't find the usual thought leaders and recognised experts in our lineups. Just product makers who're figuring out how to be better at their craft –– just like you. Some will inspire you, others will challenge your perspective. All of them will help you build something great.

Stories from the trenches

Tired of being fed 'tried and tested' strategies? Or perhaps you're experiencing framework fatigue? We got you. Our events focus on sharing practical stories you can learn from and relate to. 100% no bullshit guarantee.

Candid conversations

Forget crowded auditoriums. We keep things nice and cozy, and shake up the traditional event formats to bring you closer to your team and fellow attendees. You'll feel at home... even if you've traveled from far to attend.

Hands-on workshops

Whether you want to practice a specific technique, sharpen your design thinking, or expand your soft skills, these sessions will help you think more clearly, make better decisions, and crush whatever goals you have in front of you.

New connections

A few days can have a lasting impact. A story arms you with the confidence you need to get ahead in your career; a casual conversation leads to your next role; a speaker becomes a mentor. When the right people are in the room, there are endless possibilities.

Tasty food

It's hard to learn things on an empty stomach. At events, content is king, experience is queen. Food brings us together, and we take this matter seriously. You're in for a treat!

All the deets

Where is it?

Hawker House

London, United Kingdom
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Wed – 14 Oct 20


Thu – 15 Oct 20




Do you offer group discounts?

Absolutely! And the more, the merrier – so we hope you come along with your team. 4-8 tickets – 10%. 8+ tickets – 15%. Drop us an email before checking out and we'll send you the relevant discount code -

What's the refund policy?

We'll offer a full refund for any cancellations made 30 days before the event starts.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, just send us an email.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes, just send us the name of the new attendee and we'll transfer the ticket.



Last year, we sold out six weeks ahead of the event, so book as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!

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