Product Leaders Weekend 2019
1th edition

Sharing the stories behind great products

A 3-day experience for the most ambitious product leaders. Away from your screen.


Jun 30th – 30th




Tim Herbig
Product Management Coach at
Jane Honey
Product Director at Intercom
Tess Cooper
Antoine Sakho
Head of Product at busuu
Aurelie de Sainte Preuve
Product Manager at Facebook
Kevin Shanahan
Co-Founder & CEO at Paired
Koin Beyer
Director of Product at Freeletics
Ellen MacKay
Product Manager at Monzo
Nikhil Tibrewal
Engineer at Google


In times of uncertainty, getting together and sharing experiences is probably one of the best ways to grow. We'll explore how to develop resilience, build anti-fragile teams and embracing change, while shaping the future we want to live in.

Theme #1

Building resilience

In times of extreme uncertainty, resilience is a superpower. Let's explore the ways in which we can bounce back from adversity, turn hardships into lessons, and thrive in a fragile world.

Theme #2

Building stronger teams

Theme #3

Growing in confidence

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